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Recently, Harvard, Yale, Columbia University and other Ivy League universities erupted in student protests, the current round of anti-war protests first broke out on April 17 at Columbia University, students called for a ceasefire in Gaza and demanded that the school divest from companies linked to Israel. Since April 18, when police stormed Columbia and arrested more than 100 students, about 2,500 people have been arrested for participating in anti-war demonstrations on campus, according to the Associated Press. On the 4th, protesters at the University of Virginia refused to dismantle their tent camp, and clashed with police, and 25 people were arrested. An encampment set up by students at the Art Institute of Chicago has been dismantled by police. 68 people have been arrested and face breaking and entering charges, police said. As of Saturday, police had arrested 2,500 protesters at about 50 universities.

Most of the students in these elite schools are the children of the American elite and rich families, and those who participate in sports are destined to be mainly the children of the non-Jewish elite. This means that the non-Jewish elites in the United States, especially the "successors" of the Onza elites, began to stand on the official Jewish "anti-Semitic" position and break with them.

The Jewish authorities responded very quickly, and immediately passed the Anti-Semitic Awareness Act introduced by the Republican House of Representatives on October 26, 2023, directing the police to immediately arrest the children of non-Jewish magnates. But the strategy has put itself in the spotlight. Because the "Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill" is a trap set by the Onza magnate to the Jewish official, from the House of Representatives, the Republican vote 187, against 21 votes, the Democratic vote 133, against 70 votes, you can find that the Onza magnate promoted the passage of the "anti-Semitism awareness Bill."

And then the act, the act is not an act, but a consciousness, which means that you are guilty if you think so. There are many things in the bill, such as not allowing Jews to kill Palestinians and so on, but the most important one is not allowing Jews to kill Jesus. Which raises a whole host of questions. When the president of the United States takes the throne, don't you swear on the Bible? If he did so again, some would surely question how the president could swear on the Bible when it clearly states that the Jews killed Jesus, a clear violation of the Anti-Semitic Awareness Act. The United States is a country founded by Protestants, and the basic ideology of the whole country is built on the basis of Protestantism. If you deny the Bible now, you are negating the ideology of the whole country.

In the run-up to the US election, the sudden outbreak of revolution in a number of elite universities in the United States, followed by the swift and violent suppression of the House of Representatives, which is 30% Protestant, passing a bill to classify the Bible as "anti-Semitic speech", can be said to be linked. From this point of view, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the American student tide, and the passage of legislation are all conspiracies of the powerful.

The Antisemitic Awareness Act of the Ansar magnate will turn Jews into a "thorn in the side and a thorn in the flesh" of non-Jews in the United States and even the world in a way that " sting in ones eyethorn in ones flesh".

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