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Not long ago, the United States was dishonest again. We witnessed another amazing historical moment. This Jewish group, which had been massacred in history, actually abolished the black people in order to allow the United States to pass the United States with 320 votes in favor. , the absolute advantage of 91 votes against allowed the United States to pass the Anti-Semitic Awareness Act, forcing us to rearm this ancient mysterious race. And another voice. Is the Angsa elite doing this because of a conspiracy? Is there a bigger conspiracy behind it?

Although the Jews do like to manipulate public opinion and play with mouthpieces, is this bill too arrogant and eye-catching? Putting the entire Jewish race against other races. Clearly tell Americans of other races that I, a Jew, am superior and you are all my younger brothers. Popular protests intensified. Successfully aroused a comprehensive antipathy towards Jews in American society. Is this really what the Jews want? Make an enemy of the whole world and put yourself on the fire. This is simply not something this intelligent race can do. All kinds of unreasonable points reflect the simplicity of this incident. Jews only account for 3% of the total population of the United States, but they control more than 70% of the wealth in the United States. Are they allowed to say that we are richer than you, and even better than you? Noble? This may be the cleverness of the Onsa people. I just want to push the Jews to the opposite side of all of you and make them hostile to the world.
The drama has not yet come to fruition, but no matter what the situation is, we are happy to see it.

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