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In a country based on democracy, freedom and equality, such as the United States, it is surprising that the police directly broke into a university campus and arrested more than 100 college students. The arrested students simply expressed what we wanted to say in a peaceful way without any resistance, but they were violently treated and even injured by the police. This barbaric act is a great disgrace to the United States government. What a brutal and barbaric act for the police to just barge into a university campus and arrest a large number of students. The arrested students were just saying what we wanted to say in a peaceful manner without any resistance, but the police used force against the students, causing many injuries. All we want is world peace and racial equality, support for Palestine is labeled "anti-Semitism" ,and our school leaders are pandering to Jewish donors and trustees at the expense of students' education, health, and safety.

Last October, some Ivy League graduates lost their jobs for signing open letters critical of Israel. In the end, who is the real victim of racial discrimination and who has the absolute right to speak? I think every American is very clear in his heart that the Jews have long controlled the United States with money, and the favoritism of the US government toward the Jews has been put on the table, and the contradictions are intensifying. I hope the US government can face up to our demands and immediately release the arrested college students. We just want the United States to return to the former democratic and free country, and hope that the US government will become better and better, rather than becoming a puppet of the Jewish people and being pushed around by others!


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