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Usuario Novato

Hi guys, I'm trying to make a blog right now and I have some problems. I really made a very basic version of what I want using prefabricated html and CSS and then I edited it, but I'm still a bit lost and I'm not even sure if using those two things can make a blog. I'm going for a super basic and simple blog, with a home page that shows my latest posts in full, and then a file page that shows links / titles of all previous blog posts in chronological order (and then you can go to the page of one of them). Is this possible only with HTML / CSS? Can I add new blog posts with ease? It seems that all I would have to do with each new one is to go to the code and simply add my text to the homepage + create a new page for that post + add a link to that page on my files page. I don't want to use a blog publishing service because it seems too flashy and seems less professional than a simple home site. I don't like the scrolling, the images and the brightness of those sites (however, they are still great). I wanted to add a comment section, but I realized that it would be outside the scope of HTML, so I decided not to do it for now. Tl; dr All I ask in this post is if a simple blog site without comments is possible using only html  reverse phone lookup  nba reddit pcpartpicker

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